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ул. Крупской, 30.

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ул. Уинская, 9.

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About Us

Meet - head doctor of the our clinic, PhD Aleksandr Charushin.

Our friendly managers are ready to answer your questions.

Admission is carried out with the obligatory participation of the medical assistant.

The Charoit Clinic has been operating on the dental services market since 1993. The staff of the clinic has a great creative potential and consists of 36 employees, including 14 doctors of higher category, 2 candidates of medical science. All the employees have specialist certificates, many of them have worked on probation in the leading clinics of Russia and Europe. Over 31000 patients have already appreciated conscientious work of our specialists.

Our clinic provides the full range of out-patient dental help, the work of each division is fully computerized. The treatment process in our clinic enables the patients to get complete dental help and the work of specialists of our clinic is based on the principle of succession in the treatment of every patient.

The after-treatment process envisages preventive visits, which allow to detect newly emerged oral cavity problems. The organization of the treatment-and-diagnostic process is based on the following main principles:

  • Safety
  • Service
  • The range of services

The application of highly-effective means and methods of disinfection and sterilization, the use of disposable materials and sets guarantees the safety of treatment.

The reception of patients is held with the necessary participation of a doctor’s assistant. It makes the client feel comfortable, and the doctor can better focus on patient’s problems.

We provide a discount system for our regular clients. The Charoit Clinic cooperates with all the leading insurance companies. There’s a 2 years guarantee period for all our services.

Our clinic can provide any type of high-quality dental services. We are looking forward to seeing you among our clients in the Charoit Clinic.

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